Blessed Coffee Café, Building community … one cup at a time.
Purchase a Gift Card and support building a Community Café

 All of the world, people have found comfort and community in the aroma of fresh coffee wafting from the pot. Whether through the ancient and elegant Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony, or at the modern sidewalk café that offers a brief respite from our busy lives, coffee has served as a cultural anchor the world over.

Blessed Coffee is building upon this tradition by using coffee as a bridge between cultures and among one another. We work directly with Ethiopian farmers to promote economic development, social justice and individual empowerment. Right here in our community, we are opening a café that will serve as a social center, cultural hub and gathering place for our global village.

We believe the purchasing power of the community is a source of capital, which can be redirected back to the community to advance social change and build stronger communities.

On the occasion of its first anniversary on September 15, 2012, Blessed Coffee launched its gift card sales fundraising campaign to raise the capitol to open its community cafe shop in Takoma Park in the spring of 2013.  We invite you to join our effort to advance business as a catalyst for community building and social development.

By purchasing the Blessed Coffee gift card, you are leveraging a millennia of tradition and harnessing it to the greater good. Thank you for your investment, and we look forward to serving you at Blessed Coffee Café.

In appreciation of your purchase, we offer you a “Builders Certificate”, a listing on our website and 2 pounds of roasted Coffee (valued $ 30), to be redeemed six months after the cafe opens, projected as May 2013).

Sara and Tebabu, Founders
October, 2012, Takoma Park MD

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