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Ethiopia Coffee Ceremony
Coffee and the ancient Ethiopian Traditional Coffee Ceremony are woven into the fabric of Ethiopian social life and culture. Today, in Ethiopia, from a small village in the rural area to a neighborhoods in the cites coffee ceremony are conducted daily where fresh green coffee is roasted, ground and brewed three times.

Invited neighbors sitting in a circle around green grass and flowers and the air is perfumed with incense. The host washes the coffee beans, roasts them in a pan on tiny charcoal stove, turning them regularly, grinds them with a pestle and mortar, then brews the coffee with water in a coffee pot until it starts to bubble. Nearby is an incense burner smoking with fresh grass scattered on the ground. When coffee is ready, it is served in tiny cups with sugar, honey and sometimes salt. The ceremony takes at least an hour. Traditionally, the guest must accept at least three cups, the third, called Baraka, meaning blessed, in particular is considered to bestow a blessing when elders conduct prayer for the well being of the community.The ceremony takes us to a time when value was given to human relation and social discourse. From Ethiopia coffee spread first to its neighbors, in the Middle East, and from there, to the rest of the world.

Blessed Coffee introduces its line of Ultra-Premium Coffee. Organic, Single Origin, Forest Grown from Ethiopia, the farmers who are the expert of coffee growing tradition, the altitude, the soil and the climate for producing truly outstanding coffee combine to ensure supreme balances between good body, strong aromatics and fine acidity.

Washed Yirga-Cheffe is one of the finest highland grown coffees. It has fine acidity, body and excellent mocca flavor and aroma. These characteristics are the cause for the great demand and the high premiums paid for it. Yirga-Cheffe can also be used as a unique origin. This coffee is grown at high altitudes of 2000/2200 meters.


The Sidamo region is in the South of the country where both washed and unwashed coffees are produced. The beans are of medium size and have a greenish/greyish color. Washed Sidamo coffee is particularly appreciated for its round cup, balanced acidity, body and good quality mocca flavor, which is sweet in taste and a vital component of gourmet roasters' lists.


Produced and sun dried in the Eastern highlands and is exported from the town of Dire Dawa. The bean is of medium to long pointed size and has a greenish to yellowish/golden color. Harar coffee has medium acidity, full body and the distinctive deep mocca flavor. It is one of the finest premium coffees in the world and is grown at an altitude of 2000/2750 meters.


Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union
The Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union/OCFCU/ is named after the Oromia region in Ethiopia where Sixty-five percent of the country's coffee is produced. The coffee produced from the region including Yirgachefe, Hara are globally recognized as premium organic, shade grown and bird friendly. OCFCU is established in June 1, 1999 by 34 cooperatives with 22,503 farmers as a small holder coffee growers owned cooperative Union. To date there are 197 cooperatives with 200,000 small coffee members1,400,00 families. It is a democratic member's owned business operating under the principles of International Cooperative Alliance. Members of the Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union are the growers, processors and suppliers of high quality, organic Arabica coffee to the Union for the direct export. As a result, the small farmers have improved coffee quality, gained access to higher-value market niches and earned more income from their production.

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